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Kids and Screen Time

How Much Screen Time is Ok for Kids? With the inundation of technology children of all ages are used to seeing and interacting with nowadays, you might have questions about how much screen time is too much screen time for your child and their developing brain. The...

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Home Safety and Fall Prevention

Cut the Clutter! Maintain wide, clear paths and walkways by removing clutter and unnecessary furniture especially around stairs and in hallways. This includes boxes, stacks of magazines or newspapers and other items that can be stored away from walking paths. Remove...

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Gardening with Arthritis

Gardening can be a painless activity with a bit of planning, the right equipment, and modifying the way you perform your tasks. With a few adaptations, appropriate support to involved joints, and following strategies that will prevent further damage, you can continue...

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Let’s Get Functional!

Check out these tips from an occupational therapist to optimize your health, wellness, & daily function:   Stretch: All 360 joints in your body are meant to go through their full range of motion each day and several times a day. Move: Park farther away from the...

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Importance of Local Student Programs

Our therapy staff has enjoyed serving our community and supporting our local technical, community college and university future occupational therapists with our Student Program. Internships and fieldwork programs are vital as it is required for many degreed college...

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Coffee Gathering with Puyallup Police Department

  We are ecstatic for the opportunity to meet and say thank you to our local Puyallup Police Department and the officers dedicated to keeping our neighborhood safe! All clients, neighboring businesses, and local citizens are welcome and encouraged to attend. A special...

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