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DIY Ergonomic Home Office

In today’s busy technological society, more jobs are being performed at a computer and more people now have the option to work from a home office. While this is great for reducing traffic on the road, the safety and setup of your computer workstation is essential in...

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OT for Acute Injury & Post-Op

Our skilled occupational therapists can provide the following services to patients during the acute phase of injury and post-operative procedures prior to beginning rehabilitation: Wound Care: Management of post op dressings and suturesPin care DebridementPrevention...

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Weighing In on Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are increasing in popularity for those in the special need’s community as well as families outside of it. High volume stores such as Target are even starting to sell them due to the influx of demand. What kind of benefits do these blankets have? What...

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Using 5 Senses for Calming

There are times when each of us feel stress, anxiety, or are under pressure. Often we only use one or two strategies for calming such as going to get a massage or finding a few quiet minutes to ourselves, but did you know that you can utilize all five of your senses...

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Pain is NOT Gain

Contrary to popular belief, pain is not necessarily gain. If I got a quarter (my dad would say a nickel) for every time a new therapy client with arthritis or a sprain said their neighbor told them to “squeeze a tennis ball” to rid them of their ailments or when they...

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Kids and Screen Time

How Much Screen Time is Ok for Kids? With the inundation of technology children of all ages are used to seeing and interacting with nowadays, you might have questions about how much screen time is too much screen time for your child and their developing brain. The...

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