Our skilled occupational therapists can provide the following services to patients during the acute phase of injury and post-operative procedures prior to beginning rehabilitation:

Wound Care:

  • Management of post op dressings and sutures
  • Pin care
  • Debridement
  • Prevention of infection and decubiti

Protocol Compliance:

  • Education on precautions – NWB, PWB, ROM restrictions, positioning, etc
  • Utilization of mobility devices, wear and care instructions of pre-fabricated and custom orthotics, adaptive equipment needs
  • Education on how to safely modify activities of daily living

Pain & Edema Reduction:

  • Modalities – therapeutic pulsed ultrasound, e-stim, iontophoresis
  • Manual edema reduction, contrast baths, measure/fit compression garments if indicated
  • Education on home program instructions – R.I.C.E.

Compensatory Conditioning & Pain Prevention:

  • Safe stretching and conditioning of non-involved compensatory muscle groups
  • Education on posture and body mechanics with use of mobility devices