Get outside

Spring is here and the days are finally getting longer and warmer. Take advantage of the changing weather to get outside and make your workout an adventure. Go for a run around Bradley Lake Park or a walk around the shops in downtown Puyallup with a friend. Take a hike down the Puyallup Riverwalk trail or ride your bike among the spring blooms on the Foothills trail. Farmer’s markets and spring fairs are a great place to get steps in, look into local events.

Try something new

The most important part of establishing a new workout routine is to choose a workout that you will actually enjoy and look forward to doing. If working out solo at the gym isn’t motivating to you, consider trying one of the classes offered such as yoga, Zumba, or water aerobics. You may also want to look into joining a local sports league in your area that starts up in the spring such as soccer, baseball, rugby, or Frisbee golf.

Spice it up at home

If you have a busy schedule or aren’t able to get outside you can always get in a good workout at home with minimal to no equipment. You can keep it interesting with trying different workout apps, videos (YouTube is a plethora of free workout videos), and keeping it practical with home chores and projects… time to clean those gutters out or wipe down the baseboards?

Keep it simple

Make simple, achievable, and realistic goals. If it has been awhile since you’ve worked out, start with just one to two times a week. Keep it lightly challenging but don’t overdo it. If you make yourself sore and overly fatigued you are less likely to keep it up. Slowly upgrade your challenge level as you notice yourself improving. There’s no rule that you have to upgrade every workout. Stay at a comfortable pace until you can feel yourself able to do more.