Arthritis Program

Our Occupational Therapy Team are experts at treating all types of arthritis. Our program includes protecting your joints, decreasing pain, swelling and preventing any further injury.

What are your goals???

We customize each session with you, to meet your goals.

We provide skilled services to educate you about your arthritic condition about how to:

  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Increase joint range of motion, coordination, and strength

Our trained staff can:

  • Fabricate custom protective splints and orthotics to rest painful, inflamed joints
  • Conservatively improve your joint motion and strength while educating you on joint protection principles to promote healing and reduce overuse of involved joints
  • Teach you how to use adaptive equipment when necessary to assist you with your day to day tasks

“What I like about Pioneer Therapy Center, is that they are very caring, and have a positive environment. Goals that I have to achieve at Pioneer Therapy Center are, to increase my amount of strength and motion, decrease pain, and work on desensitization. I feel that Pioneer Therapy Center has positive and fun environment, and have kind, caring, positive and awesome staff!”

— Dylan P

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