Custom Splint and Orthotic Fabrication

Protecting and resting an injured area, while allowing maximum healing

Our therapy staff is skilled at making custom static and dynamic thermoplastic splints and orthotics. Splints are used to protect and rest an injured area, while allowing maximum healing. Both upper and lower extremity splints are made for:

A custom splint will protect the specific injured area and allow the non-injured joints to remain mobile and functional.

Custom Splints, Orthotic Fabrication, Puyallup

Custom splints take approximately 30-45 minutes to fabricate from making a pattern to completion. A trial wearing period of approximately 15 minutes is completed at Pioneer Therapy Center prior to our clients leaving the clinic. We educate all of our clients on the specific wear, care and precautions of wearing a splint. We also have many pre-fabricated splints that we measure and fit you with the correct size and type to maximize your success with day-to-day activities.


Types of splints: YOU pick the color!

  • Post-operative splints. Many clients arrive at Pioneer Therapy Center with a bulky protective dressing soon after their surgery with specific instructions from their physician on what type of splint they require. Common splints we fabricate are for arthritis (CMC joint) thumb reconstruction, carpal tunnel release, fracture management, tendon or nerve surgery for shoulders, elbows and hands, or feet and ankles.
  • Repetitive strain injuries: Tendonitis, tendonosis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, work injuries and sports injuries
  • Arthritic conditions: Many clients benefit from simple joint protection splints for their thumb, wrist, elbow or ankles. These simple splints allow them to work and perform daily activities while preventing further joint deformity.
  • Sports injuries: Shoulder, elbow, wrist, foot and ankle splints are made to protect injured joints or muscles and maximize performance while training
  • Neuromuscular conditions: Clients who have a tendency for their joints to get stiff, can benefit from splinting. Stiff joints can be from a stroke, or nerve laceration from an injury or motor vehicle accident. The splinting helps stretch the tight joints, maintain mobility and protect their nerves while healing
  • Pregnancy related carpal tunnel syndrome: Many women experience temporary carpal tunnel syndrome with pain and numbness in one or both hands. Wearing a custom wrist splint assists with protecting the median nerve. It also allows them to sleep uninterrupted and resume normal activities

“What I love about Pioneer Therapy Center is that the staff there is so nice and always welcoming, and they are very knowledgeable and professional, they know how to take care of your needs. Pioneer Therapy Center has been helping me recover from a shoulder injury, and since therapy with them, I have been able to use my arm/shoulder more.”

— Amber L

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