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“I love Pioneer Therapy Center! The staff is caring and they know what they are doing. They have excellent services! Goals that I am achieving at Pioneer Therapy Center are, that I have been doing my home exercises at home and work, and the pain in my hands are gone. Thank you Pioneer Therapy Center! In the Pioneer Therapy Center environment they have great interior decorations, they are very homey. The staff are wonderful! They are the best therapy people I have ever met! They are very caring and have an excellent work ethic. I’d like to thank them again for caring!”

— Katie C

Occupational Therapy Client Testimonials

“What I like about Pioneer Therapy Center is that they have a great staff, and they are able to help people with all types of issues, and have good exercises to help with rehabilitation. My two children are achieving goals with their legs and feet. Their goals that they are reaching are to be pain free walking and running. The staff have creative ways to encourage them to work on their exercises, and take great care to heal them. The environment is very friendly and open. The staff makes everyone feel welcome and encouraged, they are great with teenagers. I love the staff!”

— Susan F

“Karen is very friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with. She has years of experience and shares techniques and knowledge to help. My therapy was great and I now have hand mobility information that will serve me the rest of my life.”

— Louise F

“I love Pioneer Therapy Center! The staff takes the time to find the right amount, and type of therapy, to best help you. The goals that I had when I first arrived were to be as pain free as possible, perform physical activities better, and to basically be where I was before my injury. The environment at Pioneer Therapy Center is awesome, quiet, personable, comfortable, and relaxing. The staff are the best people you will ever have to deal with.”

— David C

“What I love about Pioneer Therapy Center is that the staff there is so nice and always welcoming, and they are very knowledgeable and professional, they know how to take care of your needs. Pioneer Therapy Center has been helping me recover from a shoulder injury, and since therapy with them, I have been able to use my arm/shoulder more. The Pioneer Therapy Center environment is very warm and inviting! I always feel welcome when I am here. The Pioneer Therapy Center staff is absolutely wonderful, nice, caring, and always willing to help.”

— Amber L

Post-Mastectomy Therapy Testimonials

“What I like about Pioneer Therapy Center, is that they are very caring, and have a positive environment. Goals that I have to achieve at Pioneer Therapy Center are, to increase my amount of strength and motion, decrease pain, and work on desensitization. I feel that Pioneer Therapy Center has positive and fun environment, and have kind, caring, positive and awesome staff!”

— Dylan P

“Pioneer Therapy Center is more than a therapy center, they are a caring center. They don’t just express their concerns for their clients; they show their concern by asking questions, explaining treatments, and sharing accomplishments. Every session at Pioneer Therapy Center is filled with a variety that is practiced, and can be adapted for continued practice at home. The environment is cheerful. The office is bright and airy, and the staff are friendly and eager to help, as well as answer questions.”

— Debie B

Occupational Therapy Testimonials

“Pioneer Therapy Center is always so welcoming and caring. They absolutely understand what they are doing and the care they are providing. The long term goals I am hoping to achieve at Pioneer Therapy Center, is trying to heal my daughter’s shoulder. The Pioneer Therapy Center staff are always checking and re-checking with my daughter and helping her work with her limitations, healing, and goals. I feel that the Pioneer Therapy Center environment is absolutely welcoming, calming, open, caring, clean and professional. I also feel the staff at Pioneer Therapy Center are very organized, caring, welcoming, knowledgeable, goal-oriented, honest and loving.”

— Tressie L

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