Work Injuries and Conditioning

Injured worker, repetitive strain injury, work conditioning programs

Carpal tunnel syndrome, painful elbow or shoulder?
Tendonitis, pain, poor endurance or weakness?
Low back pain, ankle sprain or fractured bone?

Our Occupational Therapy team knows the importance of coordinating care with your physicians, employers, case managers, vocational counselors, insurance companies and third party administrators. We assist you with chiropractor, massage therapist and physical therapist referrals when needed to maximize your success. Return-to-work obstacles are minimized by working collaboratively with your team to return you to full function.

Pioneer Therapy Center addresses the unique need of the injured worker through risk reduction, injury management and our return-to-work therapy services. Our knowledgeable therapists design individual treatment programs and home programs to improve function, maximize abilities and speed recovery, all while preventing re-injury.

From the day of injury we provide:

Work Injuries, Work Conditioning

Use our convenient referral form on our forms page to request work conditioning services and Pioneer Therapy Center will obtain the additional needed authorization. Or call us at 253-377-6285 to discuss your work injury and therapy needs.

We look forward to meeting you and Optimizing your pain free function at work, home and play.

Work conditioning begins when a client is not yet able to return to work even though they are about to complete or have completed their first stage of Occupational or Physical Therapy. It is designed to maximize an injured worker’s overall tolerance for work through functional activity progression. Typically, the injured worker attends work conditioning sessions 2 hours daily for 4 to 6 weeks.

Work Conditioning includes:

  • Posture training for standing, driving, sitting and sleeping
  • Cardiovascular conditioning to improve endurance
  • Adaptive equipment needs are assessed to prevent re-injury: gloves, splints and workstation or desk equipment
  • Ergonomic education to prevent re-injury
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises at work and home
  • Functional activities designed to enhance dynamic strength, mobility and position tolerance
  • Lifting, movement and positioning activities to simulate job tasks

“I love Pioneer Therapy Center! The staff takes the time to find the right amount, and type of therapy, to best help you. The goals that I had when I first arrived were to be as pain free as possible, perform physical activities better, and to basically be where I was before my injury.”

— David C

Return to work conditioning

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