Sports Injuries

Injury prevention and rehabilitation

Pioneer Therapy Center is dedicated to providing optimal rehabilitation and addressing performance needs of athletes as well as preventing sports-related injuries. Whether you are a recreational, professional, or school-based athlete, our approach is to provide personalized care with exceptional results.


Sports-Related Injuries:

  • Strains, sprains and fracture management
  • Education on post-concussion management, identifying signs of head concussion and prevention
  • Kinesiotaping, Rocktaping, compression garments, ace wrapping and light supports
  • Splints, orthotics, elbow or knee supports, custom splints and splints that are eligible to wear during practice
  • Prevent re-injury, protect injured joint or soft tissue while conditioning and strengthening
  • Therapeutic modalities to enhance recovery: ice, ultrasound, interferential current, TENS and iontophoresis
Sports-Related Injuries

“Pioneer Therapy Center is more than a therapy center, they are a caring center. They don’t just express their concerns for their clients; they show their concern by asking questions, explaining treatments, and sharing accomplishments. Every session at Pioneer Therapy Center is filled with a variety that is practiced, and can be adapted for continued practice at home.”

— Debie B

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